Floral Wine Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Floral Wine Bouquet: Oursin Edition

As the season of love unfolds, we’re excited to introduce a special touch to your Valentine’s Day celebration – the Oursin House Rosé Floral Wine Bouquet! 

Picture this: A handcrafted bouquet, not just of flowers, but a symphony of romantic hues, nestled atop a bottle of our signature Oursin House Rosé. 

What’s Inside:

  • A bottle of our Oursin House Rosé
  • An arrangement of fresh blooms by Florexotica

Price: $350 EC per bouquet & Oursin

Note: Guests are welcome to upgrade to another bottle of wine or champagne, with the price subject to change.

Limited Availability; Pre-order for Pickup or Add to Your Reservation:

To ensure your celebration is as magical as can be, we encourage you to pre-order your bouquets at least 48 hours in advance. 

Embrace the love with every sip and every petal. Reserve your Oursin House Rosé Floral Wine Bouquet today, and let the romance unfold most charmingly!

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