Meet Kenya, Our New Restaurant Manager

Meet Kenya, Our New Restaurant Manager

Kenya is our newest leader and came to us from St. Lucia. She is overseeing the team at Sheer Rocks! With a passion for hospitality and a dedication to creating exceptional dining experiences, Kenya is ready to make your time at Sheer Rocks truly unforgettable. Her vision and commitment to excellence are sure to create memorable moments that define the essence of Sheer Rocks.

We recently sat down with Kenya to get to know her better and learn about her journey at Sheer Rocks. Here’s what she had to say:

Kenya shared her thoughts on settling in: “Cultures are very similar, but the workplace is different. I’ve been learning a lot about the local customs and traditions, making new friends, and exploring various activities. Joining the Rocks Group has been a significant part of my smooth transition.”

When asked about her favourite bits about Sheer Rocks, Kenya was quick to answer: “The view, the staff, and the food. It’s as simple as that. Working with the locals and meeting different personalities daily is a real delight.”

Kenya is looking forward to her time in Antigua with great enthusiasm. She told us, “I’m excited about exploring the island, forging lasting bonds with both the guests and the staff, and continuing to grow professionally.”

Kenya brings a wealth of experience to Sheer Rocks, with 8 years in the hospitality industry. She started as a server, worked as a Food and Beverage Coordinator, and holds degrees in Hospitality Management, Management Studies, and International HR Development. Her extensive travel has given her a deep understanding of different lifestyles.

We’re thrilled to have Kenya as part of the Sheer Rocks team, and we look forward to the fresh perspectives and expertise she brings. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Kenya as she begins her exciting journey at Sheer Rocks!

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