Monkey Fist’s Atlantic Dash

Monkey Fist’s Atlantic Dash Rowers Near Antigua

Sheer Rocks is thrilled to be a sponsor of the Monkey Fist Adventures Atlantic Dash! 
Last year Sheer Rocks joined forces with Monkey Fist, an organisation with seven successful ocean crossings under their belts. Monkey Fist Adventures puts together the “World’s toughest row” while prioritising giving back through some really great charities. We are thrilled to get behind an awesome initiative like this and are excited to welcome the Atlantic Dash rowers to Antigua at the end of February!
The Atlantic Dash currently has two fantastic teams crossing the Atlantic, heading straight for Jolly Harbour, on our island’s West coast! Just seven miles apart, the Atlantic Dragons and Cabbies Do Atlantic Row are set to arrive in Antigua on March 3rd & 5th! Follow their journeys on their social media, and track the boats on the YB Races app – simply click ‘Add Races’ and search for ‘C-MAP Atlantic Dash 2023’.
The Atlantic Dragons, Adrian and Dan, have come together to take on the Atlantic crossing. Strangers to begin with and the best of friends (we hope) on the other side! Adrian is filling his retirement with challenge after challenge and Dan is a competitive coastal rower. They are rowing in support of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, for those who risk their lives for others everyday! Donate here.
Cabbies Do Atlantic Row, Darren, Stuart and Bob are London black cab drivers taking on a series of challenges – having already climbed Mt Kilimanjaro that are now rowing across the Atlantic – showing that ‘ordinary’ blokes can take on extraordinary challenges. The Cabbies are donating funds raised to Military Veterans, The Stroke Association, and a Tanzanian Orphanage. Donate here.
Upon their arrival to Jolly Harbour, the rowers will be greeted by the the Sheer Rocks team along with friends, family, and supporters! Join us at the finish line to congratulate these superstars. Sheer Rocks plans to spoil the ocean warriors with a meal upon arrival, champagne, and of course beers for those cheering them on!
We’ll keep you updated on their status so you can join us in Jolly Harbour to celebrate these brave Atlantic warriors. Your pats on the back and words of congratulations are welcome!


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