Rockstar Spotlight: Jelani

Rockstar Spotlight: Jelani

Since joining the Rocks Group family in 2019, Jelani’s smile quickly captured the hearts of his teammates and guests! He onboarded as a bartardendar and has now entered the new 2023 season as a Supervisor!
This is his first management position and it’s not shy of difficulties but Jelani commends his acting Restaurant Managers for guiding him along the way. Though Jelani skillset comes from the bar, he does have a fine eye for detail.
Jelani has strong connections with the Sheer Rocks team, both front and back of house which he credits to the transition being as smooth as it was. He commends them on their support and hopes to one day be mentioned alongside his mentors; Jackson and Sharzie.
Jelani is very optimistic about the upcoming season and thinks the future is looking bright for the restaurant industry. He hopes to continue enjoying his career in such an exciting industry and of course, this new opportunity.


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