Rockstar Spotlight: Nolanda

Rockstar Spotlight: Nolanda

If you’ve been to Sheer Rocks lately, you’ve more than likely met the small & fiery Nolanda, one of our fabulous Restaurant Managers! Nolanda and Shalise recently joined forces as Acting Managers, working hard to make Sheer Rocks as fabulous as it is, from cocktail in your hand to the immaculate space, music, and of course, friendly team!
Rocks Group’s very own, Weezy, sat down with Nolanda to chat about how she was feeling about her new role!
Weezy: If you could describe being the acting restaurant manager using 3 SR cocktails, what would they be?
Nolanda: Mojito Royale because I’m bubbly and bold. Rocks fizz, because I’m petite and chic. Rum punch because I’m strong and impactful.
Weezy: Do you feel like you have big shoes to fill?
Nolanda: Yes I do, because of my responsibilities and goals, the diversity of the team and being able to deal with everyone individually. To ensure that Sheer Rocks continues to be a great, professional place to work, where both guests and staff are happy to be here.
Weezy: What are some goals you’ll like to achieve in this position?
Nolanda: Ensure Sheer Rocks will continue to live up to its standards and remain one of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. To grow and improve on my short comings in the industry.
Weezy: Thing you enjoy most about your new role?
Nolanda:  I love the interactions with the guest, being able to solve problems within the team and ensure everyone is ok, and having all guests I come across smile and leave the restaurant on a good note to recommend others and return.


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