Upcoming Christmas Events

Crafting Unforgettable Holidays: Upcoming Christmas Events

As the Caribbean breeze brings a hint of a chill to our island heat, we’re delighted to unveil our exciting Christmas festivities.

From lavish feasts and captivating entertainment to spirited celebrations and cherished traditions, we invite you to immerse yourself in the enchantment of a Caribbean Christmas!

At Sheer Rocks: Savour an exclusive Christmas Menu, available Christmas Eve through Boxing Day at Sheer Rocks. Toast to the season with our Sorrell-based cocktail, or your favourite spiced cocktails on the rocks. 

Before we reach Christmas, don’t forget to join us for Thanksgiving at Sheer Rocks with a special one-day menu.

At Catherine’s Cafe: Christmas begins December 20th at Catherine’s with the Marché de Noël, a Christmas market featuring local vendors, games, food & drink, and live entertainment! Like the many years before, Catherine’s Cafe will also be offering a three-day Christmas menu over Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day.

At Rokuni: Rokuni’s a la carte menu ensures every day at Rokuni is a celebration. Raise a toast with the team to the festive season!

At Roquita: Stop by Roquita and the Negroni Terrazza for a Christmas cocktail and watch the hustle and bustle of English Harbour at Christmas.

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